From outsourcing to new technologies

Create communities around local businesses!

About Axiologic

Outsourcing, Open source technologies and TheBuzz.Center marketing platform

Commercial products

From Obfusc (2007) to SensERP(2011) and now with (2014, beta, demo) we invested in products that serve international and Romanian markets

Open source technologies

The SwarmESB project makes us a market leader in the integration technologies and micro-services architecture for node.js. We also invested thousands of hours of research for improving front-end frameworks for mobile and web applications

outsourcing node.js


We successfully served as quality outsourcing partners for companies from UK, Germany, US and Romania. We started with C/C++/Java but now we are taking only mobile, node.js and HTML5 projects

TheBuzz.Center : a powerful platform for local marketing

Cross channels marketing. True social media value: return on relationships with local, real people

  • Is time to get a mobile app!

    Half of the internet traffic comes now from mobile apps. We build a great app for your shopping center!

  • Control everything from 1 place.

    Control all your marketing channels simply and quickly using a web, user-friendly interface that allows to push your content

  • Empower your tenants and other local leaders

    Each tenant get a channel! Successful businesses build online communities!

  • Your tenants can talk with their customers

    A HelpDesk system, a simple CRM and a powerful community builder are all embedded behind an amazingly simple interface!

  • Mall marketing platform

    Enable tenants and your marketing to push promoʼs across digital channels and run segmented advertisements

  • Analytics

    Get insights about off- and online shopper behaviours and preferences

"Axiologic Research was founded in 2003 as an outsourcing only company "

"Axiologic SaaS was founded in 2011 as an enterprise technology startup. "

"Using the experience of both companies, Axiologic Research is launching in 2014! "